Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i only have 8 minutes...

Hye there party people...this day marks the day when I start the hard but short haul to the end of the semester. I realized that my procrastination is posing to be much more of problem than I anticipated. In the next week I have seven things due....BOOOOOOOOO. After I have dinner tonight with some friends, I will go home to plan out every minute of the next four weeks. If you think I am joking I assure you that almost every minute will have some "thing" planned, Seeing as I have entirely too much to do and too little time(my own fault) to do it in, this is what I must do to survive.In fact, I only have four minutes to continue to write this blog. For those of you who know me well, know that I operate well under structure, but I am rarely the one to implement on myself. Damn the odds. So you may or may not hear from me, unless I have planned a call while driving in "Cori" the Corsica. With two minutes remaining I will say good-bye and bid you ado and hope to see you soon.

Your pal,