Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top things that you should know about Denver...

1. Washington Park was recently re-named "Hotness" Park due to its 90% population of hot people...keep up the good work Denver.
2. Best Gay Happy Hour is anyday at noon at Cheesman Park...bring a blanket, booze and a boy. (do gay men have jobs, because I am convinced that they don't, lucky bastards)
3. The Nuggets will most definitely break your heart...better luck next year.
4. Summers are the best time to be here.
5. Must have patios items....bad ass picnic tables, sun, wine, snacks, friends and some fun.
6. A baby does not have the same affect for women as it does for men...I have definitely gotten the "you slutty unwed mother" look suggestion, get a hot bod and take that to the park, not a baby.
7. Rollerblading is making a comeback...who would have thought.
8. Brunch and Happy hour are really the only time you should go out.

**there is must more to know but these seemed to be the most important.

Happy summer you crazy denverites,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Five Top Faves of Mother's Day

5. Learning about Immigration and Jesus at Church
4. Shopping
3. Dinner with my Maja @ Table 6
2. Cleaning my room and getting rid of clothes
1. Yo-Yo, and I ain't talking ebonics, those Chinese really knew what they were doing when they created that gadjet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

you'll never believe this...

blogspot doesn't actually make sure you use the right words in the right order, or check if words are missing. basically it does jack for my grammar and spelling issues, thus I look like a bumbling idiot on my blog. I guess I am going to have use all that info. that I told my A.P. English I would never use...dang it.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top Five Reasons why I like Amy Loyd...psuedo-Roommate

5. She laughs at me, makes me feel funny.
4. She is in love
3. We are going to learn Spanish from our semi-bilingual roommate.
2. McSquatter, McFeels-a-lot, and McTheWorldRevolvesAroundMe.
1. Silliness is always around the corner...that is the joy of Jesus.

obviously there are more reasons why I love my roommates but these are just snippets of out truly great realtionships.