Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The sillyness of life...

SO the last couple weeks have been peppered with moments that have made me laugh out loud...First, I was walking around Wash Park and this lady was either singing or talking very melodically to her dog, thank God another person heard and we laughed together. Another incident at Wash Park was when a man in tight black spandex leggings was singing as he rollerbladed, totally classic. Next, I was just minding my own business on University, gettin myself a Jamba and I glance to my left only to happen upon 12 inches of crack, not the kind you snort with your nose, but rather of the gluteus maximus kind. The cab driver had no shame in his game that day, he put it out there for all to see. Others moments include listening to three very straight men talk about their excitement over the local gay bar(they happened to be slightly drunk), my roommate fell off the ottoman because she was laughing so hard, and I keep laughing at people's facebook top 25 lists.

I am glad that my life isn't devoid of sillyness or moments that represent joy. I love laughing and I hope that the next couple weeks can be just as silly, I crave gut busting laughter, so bring it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adventure Quotient...

This adventure that I have been planning to Costa Rica, is getting out of hand...in the best ways possible. I just found a farm in which I can volunteer at and get to see all these other great things, it will only cost me $10.oo a night to stay there if I choose to stay there more than a week... ok, done! I was searching through some options for surfing and let me tell you that I might be reaching my max level of excitement right now. If you know anything about me, this trip is a big deal and every moment that it draws nears the more excited I get, as well as, nervous. I am starting to plan so that puts my worries to ease but there are moments when I get a little freaked out that I don't have anything planned. I just keep thinking how great this is going to be for me. I am going to get after it this summer...holler, woop woop!