Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventure C.R....Days 5, 6, 7,8

Well, suffice it to say I was swept up in the charm of the quaint little beach down of Montezuma that I had no time(or lost track of time) to keep up with my blog. So I will give you a quick run down of what has happened over the past couple days.

Day 5...Traveled from Monteverde to Montezuma via Puntrenas. On the bus a French family got their bag taken from the top shelves of the bus...kinda scary, glad it wasn't me, they got there stuff back. Once I got on the ferry I met two girls and I ended up splitting a room with them the entire time I was in Montezuma. Once in MZ I walked around then the ladies and I went of to a nice restaurant that literally backed up the ocean...and the seafood was great. Then bedtime....ah the the sweet sound of ocean to lull you into a wicked REM cycle.

Day 6...Early rise to lay by the ocean and get a tan, my surf lesson didn't begin until 1.30pm. Nothing too especiale. Then the surf lesson...I show up with Heidi(one of the girls that I am staying with) and we are met by a nondescript man named Mauricio.....entirely adorable. We walk about 40 mins to the beach where they say it is best for beginners. There were four of us in the lesson, we each have good face time with Mauricio...though I would have liked more, if you know what I am talking about(muah, mucho smooches). The lesson was great, I stood up a handful of times and learned some keys so that I could go out on my own. After the long walk back and a great shower the ladies and I headed out for another fantastic dinner....MZ has some great food joints. Again off to bed.

Day 7...We had decided the night before that we were going to move from our cabinas to a nice hotel on the cliff/outclove, so we packed up and moved on. And this is where I spent the next 6 hours....in a adirondak chair under the sun watching the ocean while reading a book, it was perfect. And there was a restaurant 45 ft away...thanks for paradise. The girls had taken a day trip to Malpais so I was on my own for dinner and this is where it gets funny.
I ended up at this little place and there happened to be a semi.cute guy there. WELL...he motioned to join me for dinner( I should mention that he is actually sitting to chairs away from me now) which I obliged. We got to talking...his name is Leo(from Lebanon). He was superbly interesting...I am pretty sure he ideas of us getting frisky...no thanks, if the U.S. thinks unafe to consort with the Lebanese I will surely follow suit. Anywho, he walked me about half way back then he peaced out.

Day8...GOAL- Watch the sunrise over the ocean, then watch the sunset over the ocean. I woke up super early to watch the sunrise, now all I had to do was get to Malpais to watch the sunset, easy....not really. I hung around MZ till 2pm then headed to Malpais, but not before I ran into Keren G. Raz, good friend of my best friend in AZ. Suffice it to say I am heading back to hang with her in a couple of days. Soooooo.....Malpais/Santa Teresa, they should not call them towns but rather a long stretch of road where you cannot find anything. I walked around this blasted area for around an hour only to be led to my hostel by a flambouyantly gay Tico. Once I got to the hostel, I am sure I looked like I had been dunked in a pool because I was soaked....but since so much time was wasted walking I needed to hurry to the beach and get my sunset on....oh but who do I run into...LEO, wtf, "Holmes better not talk my ear off again, I gots a sunset to see", that is what I was thinking, but I was ever so polite. Moments later I was walking down the long stretch of beach to watch the sun lazily dip into the ocean. Mission accomplished!!!! Now to shower, eat, read and sleep. All I have left is to read and sleep. All is well.

Today was long and frustrating but I get excited about the coming days. Plus I read some cool stuff in Galatians about freedom and living by the spirit...excited to see what comes of that.

see you 14 days,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aventure Costa Rica...Day 5

Well, well, well...Today I felt like I was in my personal episode of LOST. I went hiking through the cloud forest with a French woman, I felt like at any moment a polar bear was going to pop out or maybe I could be swallowed by some black smoke. Minus Dr. Jack Shepard the jungle was pretty incredible, though it would be hard to live in that kind of climate for long. After the hike the french woman and I had lunch, ice cream and some souvenir shoppping. One of the things that is kinda irritating is that there are a lot of couples traveling together, which is cute but not good for my sense of independence. I am hopeful that my time at the beach will be good, I feel that I can be more independent, or at least be more social with others...I am hoping that there will be more people(that aren´t travelling with their partenr) at the beach.

BTW...I went on a coffee tour...it was so nice to have someone tell about what is going on, I have been doing things on my own for awhile so I keep making my own version of things.

Things that I have been doing to keep myself ooccupied during travel:
  1. Eavesdrop on converstation...even if it is in a foreign tongue it is still intriguing plus I get to make up what they are talking about(which usually revolves around me, though they are most likely talking about the scenery)
  2. Read
  3. Practice my spanish with the locals....they think I am an idiot. I have had two real fun conversations(in english) with some locals.
  4. Looking at my guide book, sometimes it is okay to look like a tourist becuase then people help you

Things that have freaked me out:

  1. I had dream all last night that people were breaking into the dorm room to steal my stuff.
  2. Two men from the Netherlands in their underwear...accidentally woke up while they were dressing...men in striped undies, kinda funny-kinda weird.

On my way to the beach tomorrow, pray for a place to stay and safe travel...haven´t gotten all the deats work out yet.

see ya in 17 dias,


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adventure C.R.- Day 4

So today was my first legit day alone...loved it and hated it. I had to figure out what I wanted to do by myself, it was kinda hard because there is so much to do here. But I took a nap, then headed towards the center of things, about 35 meters from my hostel. I wandered a little, got some coffee ice cream, got more money, then stumblesd upon a music store. The people there let me listen to the music for sale via iPod. While listening, Orlando, struck up a conversation with me. We chatted about music and things to do while in town. It was just like making a new friend, he was highlight of my day. Second most favorite moment was srumbling upon a drumline practicing for something...it was incredible. I got a little choked up, I almost started to cry. There was something very special about seeing that. Maybe teh beat of the drums connected to something deeper in me, anyways, I feel blessed to have seen it. I think that I will grab some dinner tonight and maybe run into something fun. But tomorrow, I have plans to hike in the cloud forest, maybe a coffee tour, and then Orlando is deejaying tomorrow night so I might get to dance(shake my bon bon). There are some girls from Boulder here too, I might hang with them, I might not....wherever the wind blows I will go. I wish that you were here with me.

see you in 18 days,

Adventure C.R....Day three

Today was mainly relaxing. Spent and hour by the pool, walked around town a bit and then I spent 6 hours at the most amazing hot springs with my new british friend Kyle, who actually happen to the anxious computer person. Anywho, It was phenomenal. I have to jet and catch my jeep/boat/jeep to monteverde...more to come.

see you in 19 days,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adventure C.R....Day 2

Well after a semi descent night rest I woke up to the sun and an empty dormroom. I got dressed then met my little travel partner in the common area. Today we went to Cerra Chata and Fortuna Falls. In my infinite wisdom I wore my chacos...not ideal for hiking in the slippery mud and steep hillside. I was unable to make it to the top, but I was able to go back to the waterfall for a little swim and relaxation, which if you know anything about me, it's more my style. Afterwards I met some cute boys from our hostels and they offer us a ride back....so nice and adorable....Shady Lady might make out with one tonight, just kidding. I am safely in my hostel about to shower and get ready for this evening...I hoping it brings some dancing or hanging out with people. My day was/is really great. Some man behind me seems real anxious to use the computer so I am going sacrifice mine to him.

see ya in 20 days,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventure C.R....Day One

I arrived at dawn, only to watch the sunrise via airplane, then taxied myself to the bus stop where I only had to wait una hora rather than the anticipated 4 horas. Met my first travel buddy...her name is Ashlee and she is from Michigan. I am soooo grateful for her right now. Then we travelled 4 horas to Fortuna when there is an ACTIVE volcano called Arenal, I will be staying in this area for about 3 days, then to the coast. I am ready to show this country who APKilla is. Picture me brandishing my guns....finger guns of course. Keep praying and I will keep receiving His good blessings.

see ya in 21 days,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Costa Rica or Bust!!!

So I leave for Costa Rica in approximatley 10 hours and I feel pretty relaxed about the situation. I have packed my bag and gotten all the necessary unnecessaries(3 separate sized hair picks). I am currently watching King Arthur while booking my first hostels and registering for my fall semester, multitasking at its finest.

So I am not entirely sure how I am going to work keeping the blog/facebook/family updated but the plan is a simple one. I will try to update all three whenever I get a chance to get on a computer. My hope is that I will be too busy to keep a detailed account, besides who needs all the gory details...welp, think again who doesn't want them.

I do have a few thinks that I am semi-concerned about:
-Since I have made NO plans I fear that I might miss out on all the fun. I really hope that I stumble upon some real interesting and fun things. Essentially, I fear boredom.
-I have choosen to go this trip alone, but in that choice I fear that I might not ever meet anyone or that people will not invite me to come along or that I won't be bold enough to ask to tag-along.
-And lastly, I fear that I might get taken advantage of or mugged(not terribly scared about this one though)

Overall I am expectant, not too excited because I don't know what to expect. I just want to be there so I can get the party started. I am hopeful for huge things to happen.

peace, love and prayer

Monday, July 6, 2009


Sorry team...just been busy and a smidge lazy about keeping up with the blog. I am currently trying to get some shit done before I head out on my adventures in Costa Rica. I will keep a more accurate telling the events that occur while galavanting around the beautiful beaches and jungles. Thanks for being patient...Amy and Jenny, pretty sure you are the only one who read my blog.

peace love holmes,