Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freemind Adventure, Inc....school, say what?

So the non-profit that Max(brother) and I have been talking about the last few months has developed into a school. SAY WHAT? I know it sounds a little crazy, but we are going to do it!! We have this broad and specific vision and most of the time is sounds like a dream, but that is the point of living in this country...to pursue our dreams. I get nervous that this is just going to be a waste of time, or that it will ruin the relationship between Max and I, but I also see that this could be the next best thing in education. I don't think all of our ideas are purely original but I do think that as a whole this school could be a model for future alternative schools. My hope is that we can find the right people and the money to get this thing off the ground.

When I look at all the cool things that young people are doing in the world I get real excited.We are smart with great ideas, so why can't we do something big, something important, something to change lives. So with all this said and put out there for world wide web to see, I hope for big things to happen, with the hope that we can impact kids in Denver for the greater good of the world....phew! A big task!

Getting it done...today at least,