Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Put on a happy face...

I love me a good wedding. I love the general splendor of watching the event unfold, hearing stories, laughing, eating and dancing. The phrase "eat, drink and be merry" cannot be more true of why I love weddings. I have had the great pleasure of attending lots of blessed events and have even been asked to participate in a few. When I get an invite in the mail something magical happens in me...blame it on our crazy wedding culture, but I get to thinking about the setting, the decorations, the new friends I will encounter and the old ones I will laugh with. I get to pick out another dress that will make me feel lovely and noticed, I get to envision the bride and groom standing hand in had(preferably crying), I get to imagine the music that will be played and inevitably get me to the dance floor. Those are the things that I think about prior to a wedding.

Over the past 6 months, however, I have developed a slight bitterness toward the wedding, not the people but wedding itself. It isn't the general splendor that I distaste or the cheap wine. It is the experience that isn't shared...shared with someone who loves. I wasn't quite sure about this feeling till a friend who is married asked me about it. I think I came up with some bullshit answer to deflect the question....but the truth is, I would love to be sitting next to my honey while vows are being read, tears shed, and slow dances to be danced. I don't say these things because I am a loner at weddings, I do quite well actually. I have been known to lead "Thriller", give a spectacular toast and generally be part of the life sustaining the party. So this ache doesn't come from being ignored, it comes from trusting that I am wonderful and waiting for someone to see that.Weddings seems to have the ability of getting at that particular ache of mine.

I will always and forever be that woman who loves a good wedding and I will rally through the sadness that it might bring out, but for now I am a lady in waiting. Waiting for my prince to come(I am in Hollywood now, so prince seemed appropriate), waiting for the next time I get to be with my friends at a wedding, waiting for the ache to be gone, waiting for my special slow dance.:)

Those of you who might read this and remember me at your wedding or are envisioning me at your future wedding, the only thing that I can share with you is that I loved it, I love you and I that I "ate, drank and was merry".

Patience is a virtue...I am finding myself to be quite virtuous.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, a couple posts ago I briefly talked about a new thing...well, I stumbled on this youtube video and it really encapsulates what I meant, right down to the M.C. Hammer pants and the running man, YES PLEASE!!!