Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 Fast 2 Furious

Now that we have established a relationship here, I feel as though it might be time to share some of my dark secrets with you....that aren't that dark or that secret, just a bit shameful. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about my like for the Fast and Furious series of movies. Truth be told I have not seen 3 or 4, but last night I indulged my curiosity by going to FAST FIVE(insert best high velocity deep voice). I had planned on going to see this movie once the hype was past during a matinée, probably in the middle of the MYSELF. This plan was suppose to keep my like(I don't say love, b/c I don't love them, just like alot) a secret, plus explaining why I like such a silly thing was something I wasn't prepared to do. Much to my dismay(or should I say benefit) I was invited to go with a much of friends last night. The group was mostly comprised of men(surprising I know), but I was happy to step out of the shame and embrace my fellow lover of the uber cheesy car movie. Now that I no longer have to live in the dark, I will happily share with you why I like/love these movies.

Since it was the fifth movie, I will give you five reasons:
1. Paul "the hotness drips from me" Walker
2. At some point there be a moment when I actually say out loud..."This sh*t is unbelievable...but I love it."
3. Someone will inevitably mention something about being a family...even though only two of the people are related
4. Hot Bodies, Hot Cars, Hot BBQ's and Bad Guys
5. They are epicly cheesy and horribly acted but it is awesomely entertaining

Those are a few of the reasons to watch the movies...
I trust that you won't go pay money to see it, shoot I wouldn't either(someone paid for my ticket last night...bonus), but I think if we don't watch a cheesy dance movie together I might suggest something from the Fast and Furious shameful as it might be.

I love this life...
APKilla(that is what they would call me if they ever cast me in any future movies...fingers crossed)

Friday, April 29, 2011

A new thing

In the past few weeks things have been stirring in my life. I have been ask to help out at this cafe as an assistant volunteer coordinator. This particular cafe helps feed those who can't afford a meal. I have had a handful of experiences there already that have made me remember that this year is about seeking joy. When I get a chance to give a healthy, satisfying meal to a man who hasn't eaten in three days, something inside of me says thank you Jesus....thank you for providing for me, thank you that I get the chance to share my life with good people and thank you for opportunities to not focus on myself. And though I am still working at the Washington Park Grille and not teaching I am evaluating what I really want to do next. YES, getting a real job and paying down my debt and students loans sounds appealing, so does working real hard for the next 12 months so that I can travel for 6 months. So the question is, how can I do a little of both. Thoughts of moving home with my Mom has crossed my mind, but I just can't justify living in Niwot when my life is in Denver. So, the goal in the next couple of months is to figure out how I can live more cheaply than I am now and how I can make more money than I am now. Sounds like an easy equation but in all honesty I don't want to sacrifice my freedom....I want my cake and to eat too. Another thing that I am excited about is that I will be watching a coworkers son one day a week. I am real excited about this because Avon(the kiddo) is absolutely adorable and I get to help the mom and dad out(bonus!)

To say the last year has been great would be an absolute lie, but what I have learned about myself in the process has been invaluable.
Summer in the city is here and to say that this chick is excited is an is positively my favorite time in Denver. I cannot wait to share my adventures with you. Stay dialed in.

A new thing is here,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brotherly Love...Adventures in

As most of you know I spent the last weekend in the city of Brotherly Love. I am happy to say that the love was felt, but I did not fall in love with any brothers. I spent the weekend in good conversation, good food and good old fashion fun. I went to Philadelphia to visit three of a my favorite people in the whole wide world: Amy and Caleb Nothwehr and Janelle Anema. I think a play by play of the weekend might leave you sleeping face down on your computer with drool covering your keyboard, so I will give you the highlights...bulleted(because I am being lazy)

-Dinner @ Earth, Manakeesh, and the Nothwehrs.
-Cheesesteaks @ Carmines @ Reading Station
-Watching "Grown Ups", the movie was not a highlight, but that we watched it(period)
-Cartwheels in the Constitutional Mall(belly laughs)
-Watching Amy/Cindy rock the soccer field
-Dios te Bendigas
-Continual Conversation with Janelle till 2 in the morning
-Girl talk Luncheon
-Mtg new peeps

I am thankful for the time that I got to spend with these people, I realized how much JOY that they bring me and the freedom that their friendship affords me. I am also thankful for the people that have taken care of them in my absence, I feel like a proud mama watching her children grown up and do the things that they are created to do.

I trust that the good Lord takes cares of us in specific ways and I got to see how He is doing that with my friends. Life is truly blessed when you can laugh about goobery singer/songwriters and get lost and end up in Jersey.

Wishing for more times like this,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl, Interrupted..grrr.

Yoga...a break from reality and a destination that I so commonly crave. Corepower Yoga...expensive but totally worth the dolla dolla bills, especially on a Monday night with the gloriously sexy and nice yoga instructor. We will call him hot sexy yogapants(only because I don't want anyone to rat me out to him). Not only is Hot sexy yogapants everything his title claims but he is actually a pretty decent instructor. I enjoy going to his class for multiple reasons, first being HIM, second being that it is usually beginners who are learning and improving and lastly because I can come in whatever condition and work it out on the mat. That is why I love my Monday night. I must admit that I started going because a friend told me about Hot sexy yogapants, and I keep going because of him and the workout I get. I must also admit that sometimes he makes me very nervous and sometimes I giggle like a third grader with a crush when I see him in upward dog...((sigh))...nothing else to say about that. Let me get to the point of my story.

This Monday I had to work but I got off extremely early and was able to rush over and get in some mat time. Everything was going as normal, then I glanced over to my right and saw a little yogi(I think she was an instructor), I normally check out the crowd just to see if, duh, there are any other cute, sexy yoga men there. But as we are getting into the flow this little yogi keeps grabbing my attention, which, of course is not the point...but sister kept doing harder moves and bending like a fricken pretzel that I was starting to get competitive. Also, not the point. Let's get real here...if you rock at yoga you should be going to more advanced classes to get the most out of the practice, you should not be coming to beginning level classes to show off. I don't mind the advanced yogi dropping in to get back to basics but please don't be doing handstands to show off how cool you are. To say the least I was distracted, and I felt like telling this little yogi..."Go bend yourself in half in another class, please(trying to keep with the yoga spirit)", but I proceeded with the flow.

NOW: Some self realization:
My intention was to feel strong and I left feeling defeated. My problem, alas, lies in my need to compete with others and the need to do things well. So when I saw little yogi knocking it out of the park I got jealous that I wasn't rocking it. Instead of showing myself no judgment, I let myself get caught up with the things that I go to yoga to get freedom

My behind is real sore because of the whole ordeal...maybe a reminder that it isn't about the B.S. that I made it about. Still giggled a butt, I mean a bit.

Interrupted, unintentionally

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Survival Skills

As a single woman in Denver, Colorado I have had to develop some survival skills, so that I don't become a victim. The skill that I like the most and use most frequently is the Single Woman Karate Kick. You must be wondering how this karate kick differs from the rest of the karate kicks in martial arts, well...frankly, the only difference it that SWKK only makes contact with inadament objects, such as doors and....mainly doors. The reason that this particular kick has been added to my repertoire of survival skills is that it allows for multiple levels of multitasking. Let me tell you how I get to utilize this skill. The scene goes as follows...

Young woman has entirely too much clothing for one individual, thus she is able to put off doing laundry for multiple weeks. In her infinite wisdom she has divided her clothes up in the various different loads and loaded them into the basket AND laundry bag(yes kids it takes two carrying devices) and proceeds to head out the door to the laundry mat. In her arsenal of tricks she holds the Single Woman Karate Kick, but as she has already used her brain(another survival skill...use of brain, not popular with attracting the shallow men but is a must for survival, sorry boys this one is a smart cookie) to prop open the door she must carry the weight or her wardrobe speedily to her car. Shoot dang, the door is closed and alas she must drop the loads of dirty clothing on the ground, she was desperately hoping to avoid this situation. Once the clothing is safe in the coche(Spanish for car) she drives the five blocks to encounter another stitch in which she might become a victim, but then again our heroine has something else up her sleeve. As she approaches the front door of the laundry mat she performs the "Lean against the wall with laundry basket between, using one arm to swing the door wide open then wedge body in between door and wall as to create the opening to enter", which she performed with elegance and grace that the Russian Judges gave her a 10. As time slowly passed and our leading lady wrote another blog and facestalked, the laundry got clean and folded. The only thing left to do is to pack up the fresh smelling clothes and head home. If you thought our favorite woman had made it home without travail you would be mistaken...there was one more obstacle in her way...THE FRONT DOOR. For many years the front door has posed a problem for single women carrying more than they should all over the world. This stitch is the exact reason the Single Woman Karate Kick was our most lovely lady prepares with the "Lean against the wall, using one arm to swing the door wide open then wedge body in between door and wall as to create the opening to enter", after unlocking the door she steadies herself and "FWAPOW" the right leg contacts the front door with ease to let our young lady in her apartment with as much ease as can be allowed with such a heavy load. Once the SWKK has performed and clothes are safely put away the Single lady rejoices that her tasks have been completed without her becoming a victim...of what you might ask...a victim of falling laundry baskets or the having to put them down to open the door.

Most days I never have to use the SWKK(can also be used when carrying groceries), and if I were ever attacked by an actual person I would be hopeless, but it has served me well and I envision it will serve me well when I have a family too.

Till the next adventure.
Just call me the Karate Kid,

now i actually have to go pick up my laundry and head home. thanks for reading.