Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break...round 2

This past week was my spring break from really didn't turn out to be much of a break. I woke up early almost every morning and had things to do everyday. To me a break indicates some kind of rest and relaxation, which is why I am so happy that my classes were canelled this week. When I say cancelled I mean my teacher didn't show up today(without any notice) and since she is the teacher for both of my classes I guessed that she wouldn't be around for my second class. The rest of week was cancelled do to a conference that most of the teachers are going to. Sooooo, this week, is going to be my rest and relaxation. I will try to sleep in, I will get the necessities of life done, plus I will enjoy the days that I can have to myself. YAY!!! My hope is that the weather will participate my plans, but I will make them regardless of what mother nature throws at me. Here's to round 2...


Sunday, March 15, 2009

O' Shenanigans with Salley

Sooo, Saturday I had the entire day off...what a huge blessing. I spent the morning reading in bed, the afternoon with my fun roommate, and the evening with my good friend Nathan Salley, the muse for this particular blog. Nathan and I have a fun friendship, filled with "that's what she said" inappropriateness, good converstation and fun. Saturday evening was no different, we started off by galavanting around the lower highlands/lodo area of Denver taking fun pictures and goofing around, this built up an appetite to which we satisfied at the Vine St pub, afterwards we were going to go to my "penthouse"( I use the term loosely, my roommate informed me that the penthouse is the top level and we are only on the 8th level) to watch a movie. As we strolled ever so casually into the Liongate, Nathan make an inappropriate comment about the pool, so I proceeded to show it him(my first mistake). As we joked around, I threatened to push him in(second mistake), the last mistake made is when I said he wouldn't throw me into the pool fully clothed. Never challenge a person with a few screws never ends well. SPLASH! That is the last sound my iPod and cell phone heard before they died. Thankfully, I held on to him tightly so as to have this experience to share with him. Am I mad...not really, but I am bummed that our phones don't work and that I will have to replace my iPod, but overall a worthwhile experience. Just thinking about us walking back up to the "penthouse" soaking wet is worth the laugh. I thought it would take me more than a day to get over the losses of my most expensive toys but I am good for now.

Suffice it to say...shenanigans with salley are always a good thing.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

What the hell am I doing...?

So it has come to my attention recently that i might be a little bit of a flirt...and when I say a little bit, a friend described it as my type of you can interpret what that means. But what I did not realized until recently was that flirting may lead to a date...which in years past it has not, so shock and awe was experienced when my starbucks barista asked me out on a date....yikes. But in all actuality I was excited and interested in this kid. Turns out that I am not really interested in him past friendship but it was good experience. It is always nice to be liked and pursued, but I know that I might not be a dating person. Ultimately, I just want to marry my best friend. I don't know who that is, but I know that dating is hard and awkward. SOOOO, the big lesson is, try not to flirt, but when you are good at something you want to do it all the time. We will see in time what happens. C'est la vie...


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obsession...not just a Calvin Klein fragrance

Some might say that obsession is a negative thing...I say phooeey...I love my recent obsessions(obviously). What are they you might ask....well what the fans want, the fans get:

1. Tall, One pump white mocha, two pump toffee nut, non fat, no whip latte
2. Dance Flicks(in particular, STEP UP 2: The Streets...nothing is hotter than some city white kids throwin in a little Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliot and dropping it likes its hot)
3. Raquet Sports...pickleball rocks my world...holler
4. Happy Hour...need I say more.
5. Books that are in a series...why let the good times stop.
6. Costa Rica
7. Conversations that speak truth
8. Lobster Mac and Cheese
9. Laughter

Those are the things that I have recently been enjoying and craving for my life.

till next time,