Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So busy I forgot to tell ya...

So I had a pretty good day on Monday but I never got around to telling you about it. Soooooo, here goes it.... I woke up and actually wen to class, and on my way there I had to walk to lightrail but this nice gentleman in a golf cart drove me to the station so I didn't have to walk. Thanks Tim. Then there was a dj playin on campus which always gets me going. I got to work out, do laundary, cleena up a bit and get some work done. It was nice to feel productive. I know those things sound simple but all together they made my day.

till the next epic event hits.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Threes Company...what about four.

There are some of us who remember the t.v show Threes Company, and we have all heard the statement "two's company, three's a crowd". My question is why aren't their any shows or comments about fours. I think that four is a divine number, here's the logic. I live with three other girls and it is working out for us, yes it might be a little crowded and yes it might be a little messier and yes we might have more arguments but...BUT the laughter is louder, the rent a lot cheaper, the friendships are richer, the memories are unforgettable and lastly life is a little closer to true. I say this only because I continue to get flack from people about our decision to live four peeps to a two bed, two bath. It sounds like a reality show gone haywire but the truth of the matter is that it is character building...and who doesn't want that? There are moments when I climb into my lofted bed in the 808 and wonder what the hell I got myself into, but then I remember almost peeing my pants from laughing too hard or being able to cry about a shitty day only to be encouraged by my friend. So I say to nay-sayers, get some more roommates welcome the good, the bad and the ugly, chances are you will have learned something about people, about yourself and your ability to be with people, and hopefully you will have peed your pants once. I say bring it on, I am ready for iron to sharpen iron, I am ready for the memory of the days when I lived in South Denver with 3 great girls during the recession.

peace, love and community,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

So I am back in the swing of life back here in Denver and I must say it has been welcomed. I will be super busy but I will take it in stride because the alternative is less appealing. And let's get real honest I just spent 1 hour filling out online surveys...I am a sucker. I am trying to figure out what theme my blog is going to take on this semester, one thing is sure it has to be good. So if you have any suggestions shoot them my direction. For now I am pondering the ways this life thing is going to pan out for me. Love you the most.