Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can't make this stuff up...

Normally I wouldn't care to write about work, but last night felt like it needed some attention. Not because it was a spectacular evening, just two odd things that made me laugh...laugh hard.

Let me set the stage for you....The evening had begun as usual, setting up the restaurant, joking around with the regulars at the bar...deciding whether the night was going to be fruitful or not. Other things that I should mention are the restaurant is perfectly lit, the fireplace is roaring and the snow is falling softly outside, all in all we were poised for a night of cute couples celebrating each other and the overall splendor of the winter. It was a virtual winter wonderland, warm and cozy, ready for romance. Is that the kind of night we had.....oh hell no. First off I didn't have any customers for two hours, then this family came in. The young boy was nothing short of trouble, making all kinds of noise...basically a public nuisance. As the night progressed I found out that this kids parents let him take a nap ON THE GROUND in between two tables. I try not to throw judgments around, but let's get real, the germs that are on a carpeted floor in a restaurant, blech!! I wasn't even aware of this atrocity till after the fact, but I seriously wanted to tell the mom to take her kid to get tested for all kinds of things. This is right before the Princess of Darkness entered with her black velvet cloak/cape. First off, black velvet with red satin lining is never a good look regardless of what the garment looks like and secondly, I wasn't sure if I should hide because I might get bitten or hide because a spell was going to be cast upon me. To tell you the truth there were many jokes flying about like owls at Hogwarts. I think there were mentions of bloody mary's and bread and blooder...I mean butter. I was happy and relieved when they decided to leave and go back to whatever fantastical land they came from...not doubt it has elves, orcs, talking trees, pumpkin juice, werewolves and possibly a shire. Suffice it to say we live in an amazing world where we are allowed to get away with the most ridiculous clothing....I am glad I never anything silly, sans elementary and junior high(I was a wreck-fashionably speaking).

Anywho, almost peed my pants...I love my life.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Draw to yellow...

So in the last few months I have noticed that I am drawn into the color yellow. I am just growing more and more found of this color and all its many hues. Today I purchased a fake pair of ray-ban's in grey and yellow, and I bought some dishes that were yellow and grey. I know that this doesn't seem to be the rip from the headlines type of blog that you wanted to read, but in this quest to seek joy I have found that certain small simplicities get me excited and bring me joy.

Another tidbit from the day...NENE from the Nuggets was doing some shopping and I happened to notice who he was. At first I thought that he was just a real tall black man. On a second pass by I realized what I was witnessing...a Denver Nugget, big manly man, was sniffing the various lotions. It is safe to say that I was tickled pink(or yellow). It is my goal to have interesting run-ins with all the Nuggets...two down, ??? to go.

Next on the docket is to get some stuff done for Freemind(the school) and go to yoga...with hot sexypants as my instructor...that was for you Janelle.

Be bright and yellow happiness,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Joyful Moment Today

Today I had the pleasure of babysitting for my manager(from the WPG), her daughter Finley has simply stolen the heart of many where we work. Her giggles and talking are constantly filling the spaces in which we fill with nonsense...and though we can't always understand her, what she has to offer seems more important than anything we might have to say. I think kids are often like that. Today as I battled(meaning I let Finley cry it out) to get her to sleep I was struck with enormity of motherhood and thankful to let mama take over....I get the good of Finners...mama and dada get the bad and the ugly. With that said here is my joyful moment...I, in my infinite babysitting wisdom thought it could interesting if I pretended to be asleep, maybe Finley would join in the fun. But she simply put her small hand on my knee and whispered "Ashy", to which I whispered "yeah?", slowly peeked through my eyelids and looked at that angelface to see her whisper "Hi" and then smile her toothy grin.
Ahhhhhh, good great scott, joyful moment.

So thank you AMH for sharing your daughter with me/us, she is a gem and a blessing for which I am thankful for.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seeking Joyful Moments

When I thought writing this blog I wanted to be sure what the meaning of joy meant, so I looked joy up in the dictionary... , please check it out.
My favorite definition was...
the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.
Great delight in something satisfying sounds like the type of year I want to have. I have tasted joy and I know that satisfaction is the most important ingredient, I say this only because it speaks of a peace and knowledge that what you are experiencing is good and complete. While I pursue passions and life this year I hope to find satisfaction in the grandiose and the simple. I want to see that I am blessed beyond my knowledge, I am loved and cared by many, and I am full of potential. Potential moments in delight, potential experiences, potential impact and potential for something exceptionally satisfying. I don't want to even imagine what these things might look like or how my world will inevitably change from this new mindset. As I sit in a semi-favorite coffeeshop( I say semi, only because people are rude here sometimes...not joyful) I get filled with the dreams of my future...starting a school, changing the world, falling in love(with some hot man with an accent or more in love with who I am), family(however that looks) and being contented with life. Altogether a joyful moment. Put that one in the stop my comfy cozy apartment with some lovely things to eat and warm cuddly clothes to wear. Overuse of the word joy in this post was only to drive home the point that happiness isn't the goal...JOY is, though linked somewhat separated by our ability to be satisfied in our happiness. I hope for these types of moments for all of you!!! Get after it and share it(joy).

smiling(possibly joy, or gas, you decide)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's all in the mix...

I have no idea to tell you guys right now. I have had one of the best holiday season's in a long time. It was stress free, full of fun, easy and rich. Usually the holidays stress me out because I am a product of a divorce and until recent years making the choice of where to be and when was the most obnoxious thing EVER. But c'est la vie...and it is no more. Family has mellowed out and hopefully I have to.

Soooo, what is little ole Ashley to do with her new year. Lots of things are up for grabs...I am going to be pounding the keys on my computer to find myself a job, meet with people about starting this school. Other things are set in, 30 seconds to mars concert on Jan 31, baby shower for great friend on Feb. 12, not to mention that I will be celebrating my 28th birthday on that same day with another great friend...the theme is "Pretty in Pink"(you determine what that means). Other things that I am looking into again are travelling thoughts are South Africa, Croatia, Japan or Costa Rica(again, this time with mom and bro).

I feel sad that I haven't blogged in some time, some of the most hilarious things have happened to me over the last month...I stole a pallette from church, I drank an entire bottle of champagne(accidentally I might add), I hit on a guy on NYE(shady lady), I danced on a table(sober), lost my cell phone@ work. All of these things sound absolutely atrocious and might indicate that I am losing it, but quite the opposite is happening. I have been more motivated in the last 2 weeks than I have been in the last giddy up!

What's next,