Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am such a bad person...

So I was walking on Auraria Campus today on my way to have some coffee with a boy(who later stood me up, we will talk about that later) and I faked like I was getting a call from someone so that I could avoid talking to the people who were trying to save the children, rain forest, whatever. I did it a grand total of 3 times...if that doesn't make me a jerk I don't know what does. I think that I do this because I think it makes me looks less like a jerk, but I think the jig is up, someone has had to have picked up on my fake out by now. Anywho, thought I should share that with you folks, just in case you roll up to me and I reach for my phone that has not rung.

As for the boy who stood me up, that was a first for me. I guess my train of thought is don't ask me out if you don't want to actually hang out with me....well, I can honestly say I wasn't that disappointed.I had a great time by myself in LODO. Better luck next time, right?

Keeping it real, in the citay,

Weddings, Weddings and More Weddings

Welp team, just finished up with my third wedding of the year, only two more to go. I have to admit that I am fairly fond of the wedding...call it a guilty pleasure. I love going to them especially when I have somewhat invested myself in the success of that particular relationship. This last wedding was FABULOUS, in part due to its extravagance, and in part because I love the couple so dang much. I loved watching two families become united, loved watching new friendships being formed, loved watching two people sacrifice for one another. There are so many reasons why I love weddings and one reason that I realized this weekend was that love is powerful, I got to watch a couple who had been married 58 years interact, it was moving. Call it a girl thing, but there is something to be said for watching a young man cry at the site of his bride, the best moments are the tender moments in which a MAN tends to the needs of his wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister or mother. In a world where I have been disappointed in the males in my life I was thrust into this hope for the future, that there are good men out there wanting to love good women.

So, like I said, I love me a good wedding. As I gear up for the rest of my weddings I am encouraged by the love that I see in so many of my friends for their partners. Plus, there is nothing more fun than having everyone (young and old) rocking the Thriller dance.

Peace, love and an occasional piece of cake

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welp folks, it is official I am done with school and all that it entails. I have been procrastinating on all fronts these past few weeks. Why? Well, I don't want things to change. Or maybe I want the change to be so drastic that I am scared that it might actually happen. I was thinking a moment ago how I have spent a larger portion of my life in college, and for all of that time I had declared a major, a mission, or fun. And now as a two time graduate I am thinking about what to declare next, no doubt it won't be a major but the idea of a life mission sounds intriguing and scary. Could I go the rest of my life "Undeclared", probably, but that seems a little aimless and non-committal. So, as I sit here and look at job opportunities, my dwindling bank account and my future, I wonder what to declare, what line I am going to draw in the sand, what stake in life I am going to claim. For today, right now, I declare myself, UNDECIDED but in pursuit of a mission and a whole lot of fun. I will, however, note that I will always declare my life as not mine and dealing with the ramifications that I am not always in charge is in radical opposition to where my heart is now. So the hope and the dream, to move into a space where declarations are made with the trust and belief that I am going to be loved, cared for and well.

Thanks for following the ride, thing are about to roll and that makes me nervous,