Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama yo Mama

That is right folks....Ashley Paige Kelemen was a part of history this past thursday. The first African American canidate give his acceptance speech. It was EPIC...words weren't thrown out without conviction, praises were given appropriately, goosebumps were raised along with intrigue in this new rogue canidate. Charisma wasn't lacking, but does charisma sustain good politics through the years. I was impressed with Barack, I wish that I wasn't so tainted with the lack of care that politicians have taken with my vote of confidence in them. I am going to vote, unsure of who, but my vote will be heard(God Willing). Overall, I was in awe at how many people responded to this man from Illinois, and I might say that I as right along there with them. History was made and little 'ol me was a participant, cool...very cool.

Get out, get informed, get angry and get active,


Welp, Folks let's be honest, I have been a bad friend, family member, and all around perosn inthe last couple months. More recently, since school has started, I have found myself in the midst of a crisis. Not the kind of crisis that merits drastic measures, but rather striking a balance. I am in need of balance between wanting to be in community with others and not wanting to be with anyone at all. This place is weird for me because I have the tendency to choose to be with people more often then not, and I think the struggle is that being with people right now seems to take effort. I am used to ease of conversation and comfortable silences shared with those whom I cared about; which is to say that friendship recently is hard and requires more of me than I think I can give right now. Soooooo....crisis of epic proportion, no, crisis of balance, yes. I am hoping that this semester will teach me how to say yes to things that are good and when to say no to things that are bad or good.

In more recent news, school is going well, I feel called and passionate about my future. Though there have been a few hiccups, I am excited for what the future holds, nervous as well. My prayer is that I will be diligent in my studies and trust that everything else will fall into place.

I started a new job...NANNY TO THE RESCUE. Yes, I will fall back into a more comfortable role of caring for kids. The youngest is three months(that is actually a little scary) and a two year old, both of which are trememdously cute and surprisingly low maintenance. I look forward for the time that I get to be with them, though tiring, also rewarding.

Welp, this has been a short catch up of how I am doing and I hope that I get to hear from all of you soon.

Blog to you later,