Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exercise Schizophrenia

You might not up to date with the current new looks a lot like a poor choice in exercise machines or a dissatisfaction with the current choice of work out machinery. Exercise schizophrenia simply manifests itself by randomly hopping from one work out machine to the next, possible elbow throwing is involved if said schizophrenic is having a moment. Exercise schizophrenia is not to be confused with the random jumping off a work out machine due to a charlie horse. I only talk about this because I think people might have confused me with the former, when in reality it was the latter that I experienced at the gym yesterday. YES, a charlie horse caused and abrupt stop to my stairmaster work out. The moment I realized that a charlie horse might happen I told my body, "body, don't do this to me in front of all these people." She didn't listen so the following happened, I groaned internally and then frantically tried to push the stop button but to not get it done in time. Then as my calf seized on me, I fell off the machine only to be helped up by a real cute boy, who, later asked me out...who would have thunk. In all seriousness, I did hit the stop button and I did NOT fall off the machine, but it could have happened, had I not been prepared on what to do in such a situation. Moral of the story...make sure you know the proper safety procedures for taking care of yourself at the gym, no one wants to make a fool of themselves. And lastly, I don't think that there is a condition such as exercise schizophrenia...but if there is, just remember you heard it here first.

Happy, healthy day to you, my friends