Friday, August 20, 2010

You're a moron if...

The title of this blog is no indication of how I really feel about what happened today, but merely a title to draw the reader into my most exciting story. So here goes it....

Today, Friday, I had set up four appointments to see some apartments, the first of which was to be at 9:00. I went and picked up Megan(i needed a second opinion) and we were off. As we were driving along St. Paul, Megan asked what the address was, to which I replied "1237 St Paul", as we roll up to 1235 St Paul a cute little old lady watering the lawn waved to us, so in my mind this was it. After telling her that I had made an appointment with a man over the phone, she was surprised that her tenant would do something like that, but she and her husband obliged and showed me the basement apartment in this house with four units. The whole time we were confused as to how this came about, but we rolled with it...then I looked at my day planner....OH, dang it. I was supposed to meet with a guy at 1362 St. Paul. So after exchanging information with Toma and Angela, Megan and I darted off to see if this other guy was around. He wasn't so I called him to see if I could check out the apartment later in the day. This guy was frustrated with me and I told him that I was sorry to inconvenience him and if he wanted to do it another day that would fine. His response was "I just hate it when people are F***ing morons, and you are moron, so maybe you should just take the other apartment". Dumbfounded, for sure, I had no response other than to hang up. Off to the next appointment at 10:15...woops, again. I had gotten my wires crossed and I missed another appointment that was supposed to happen at 9:30...I thought that it was cancelled. (At this point I am actually feeling like a moron) Megan and I just start laughing as we are sitting outside the apartment of my 2:00 appointment. So I call my mom and brother and tell them the story about this place that we literally stumbled upon. The details are that it is a one bedroom in a garden level, in a house near Congress Park. The rent is $500 total...everything included. No lease, I move in Sept. 1. After hearing this both my mom and brother tell me to go get it. Megan agrees, so we rush back and I drop the deposit into the couples hand and in a matter of two hours I found this fun, cute place to call home. The couple has owned the house for 43 years and they are from Croatia, so honest and cute. I have been so excited about the whole thing since it happened that I told everyone at the bank what had happened. new landlord said that she thinks that someone sent me, and I have to admit that I think that it was supposed to happen. Such odd circumstances never happen to me, so I can definitely believe that it was fated to happen.

All in all, a pretty crazy stitch and I am so excited about my new digs. Can't wait to have you over!

Home Sweet Home,

p.s. While we were talking to Angela, Toma(the husband) grabbed me a stick of apricots from the apricot tree in the back yard...too precious!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nothing is for certain

BTW...I start this blog after I paused to check out the cute doctor that just walked I predictable or what.

One thing that I have been learning is that there are only a few guarantees...and even then those are a little sketchy. I bring this up only after deciding to stay in Colorado, for a short period of time I thought I was going pick up and move to California. When things fell through the cracks, I was sad and disappointed. But today I am more confident that staying put and getting things rolling in Denver is the best decision. I am as unclear as ever before but I am thankful that I don't have to see the future clearly to live now...dang I'm deep. With that said, Get ready for a quiet storm that I will call Ashley.

free of worry(today),