Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its time for an update...

Well people,

an entire summer has passed since I last blogged. As I look back on the last blog I realize that you might not have wanted to come back for a visit...who would, I was Debbie Downer. But since that blog, and off a recent wedding, I can say that good things are in the mix. As we approach Fall(my favorite of the seasons) I am excited to talk about the things that are going on in my life...some of them minor, but still good things.

For starters I am currently working at a non-profit called Cafe 180 as a volunteer coordinator, I have been enjoying most moments there and feel as though my skills are being put to use. However, I am still working at the WPG, and I am glad to have a job where I can make good money quick and still have tons of freedom. I am also looking into other opportunities to pursue some stuff in the teaching field. So, all in all, the job stitch isn't ideal but overall I am loving it.

I am still living in the Congress park area in an apartment by myself, the price is still right and I am never there anyway. Ideally, I would love to be living with a good friend for around the same price but as life would have it I am still standing strong in independence city.

Summers in Colorado have a way of helping me realize how absolutely lucky and blessed I am. I have had plenty of time in the sun, plenty of time spent with lovely people, plenty of good food and wine and plenty of plenty. I have made more friends this summer than I have in a long time, and they have been the type of people that I hope to be friends with for a long time to come. I have gone to 2 top 5 weddings that have made me realize how lucky I am to have friends that want me to share in one of the most joyous moments of their lives. I don't want to keep going on about how great my friends are, but for those of you who read this regularly and know me know that I absolutely don't deserve you all...but now that we have each other let's make a good run at it.

I am looking forward to a fall filled with more friendships, more epic memories, more moments filled with hope, more time with family, more time pursuing truth and honesty in my life. To sum up the summer...EPIC. The marker of this summer is for sure the fruits of friendship...laughter, tears, playing, listening, talking and sharing life.

Thanks for reading and catching up...I am hoping to post some pictures of this summer so that you can put a visual to what I have been talking about.

Till next time,