Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeling Special

I have often heard the phrases "You get back what you put out", "Karma's a Bitch", "What goes around comes around"....I struggle to trust these most days, but I have found myself in a place in life where it seems that good begets good. The more joy that flows out of me seems to be returned, and with more added into the bucket. The best visual that I could give you is of a woman happily carrying buckets of water down the dusty road. The buckets/containers seem to be resting on every limb available, overflowing with most refreshing water. Often the water gets all over the woman, sometimes it gets all over the people around her. I feel like this woman, just hoping that this very life giving feeling spills off of me onto those around me.

To go into further detail, I have recently acquired a career-type job with a career-type salary. I feel hugely blessed to have been given the opportunity to pursue that which I am good at, as well as, getting to do something that I feel is important and full of impact. We have all heard me talk about teaching and how much I crave to be used in that arena of life...And all my hard work is beginning to pay off. I will be teaching in DPS(Denver Public Schools) and hopefully getting to work alongside some great teachers to improve the physical fitness of our local kiddos.

In addition, I will be continuing to stay involved with Cafe 180 by being their blogger, I hope to have more information on that in the next couple weeks.

I have no misconceptions that this next couple months is going to stretch me in ways that are uncomfortable, but the aim is embrace the pain that comes along so that I can operate in new ways that continue to fill up my buckets so that I may be that woman that I envision, walking happily spilling out joy, goodness, honesty, brokenness and life.

So for more on the good, bad and the ugly....give me a ring and let's chat. There are a couple more things going on that I would love to share with you...



Kim said...

Wow - we need to catch up woman!! Congrats - I'm so excited for you and I cannot wait to hear about it!!

Nathan Salley said...

So good to hear friend!