Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If you have not been paying attention to my blog...well....I don't blame you. I have been absolutely horrible and keeping up with this thing. Part of me has been toying around with the idea of a more specific that I can try to make money off of it. I am still thinking about all the things that I want it to be. But for now, you are going to have to put up with my atrocious grammar(thank God for spellcheck) and my crazy.

I am currently nestled in one of my favorite coffee shops(its my favorite because the cute Barista flirts with me, oh man, am I predictable), updating my blog while I contemplate what to pack for my trip to Oakland to visit one of my old college roommates Jess.  This is every minute of her.

As roommates, we kinda failed. As grow women with separate lives, we rock!! Every time that we get to catch up I am constantly amazed at how wonderful she is and how much I want to be her. I am confident that I I will get messy in the garden with her this weekend, as well as, share time laughing about all the things that connect us plus process our futures. I am super excited...I hope we ride bikes too.

This is my pre-Spring Break Post, I will hit you up with the post-post later. Till then, keeping pondering on what else can come out of this head and into your world.


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