Saturday, January 21, 2012


For those of you who think that I am an amazing teacher and can do no wrong, I am here to set the record straight...I have no problems with accidentally setting off the fire alarm and sending two schools into a tailspin of chaos.

About 1 week ago I had a student knock the fire alarm with a tennis ball,usually this just sets it off in the gym and once you pop the screen back on it goes off. Not this time...Miss Ashley in her infinite wisdom, fiddled(technical term) with the device only to pull the wrong button and set off the alarms, lights and general mayhem. I was so embarrassed and tried to tell Gil (the campus security) that it was all my fault. Gil said "We still need to leave." He looked pissed, and I don't blame him. My thought was that we would head outside and then immediately head back such luck. I faintly heard the bells and whistles of the fire truck...well shoot dang. We spent 20 minutes outside in the 30 degree weather trying to wrangle 30 sixth graders in and stop them from throwing snow balls at each other. At this point all my students knew it was me that set the alarm off. I ran into the principal afterwards and I did not have the heart to tell it was me...the school was in chaos mode, kids everywhere. I was sure I was going to get fired on the spot. Oh jeez, it was an experience and the worst part was that I did not even get to give my number to any of the firemen. It was a totally wasted fire alarm, I will never do that again.

Sometimes smoke means fire, sometimes alarms go off because of me.

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Caleb and Amy said...

you are out of control! somebody needs to reign you in, sister!
hahhaaaaaa. this is hilarious. wish i could've been there to see your interaction with gil.