Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its time....

I am not good at setting goals. Part of me wants to get it all done today, and the other part wants to ignore it all. As I sit at City o City, I am struck with my longings to be better. What does better even mean? Well, to me, it means something that is good and healthy. So how do I move from where I am to better? Let's take a look at my life goals and maybe we can come up with some(not too many) projects/goals for this year.

Life Goals:

  • Family(husband, kids?, immediate, close friends)
  • Participate in Colorado Education Policy
  • Be connected to a community of Christians
  • Travel the World
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Be creative
  • Put healthy things into my mind, body and soul
  • Teach kids
  • Seek adventure
  • Be Honest
  • Be/feel strong
So, these are a few life goals, let's now break down into smaller yearly goals.
  • FAMILY: 
2012 GOAL- say yes to invitations[put myself out there, be around different people], finish my time with eHarmony strong, continue to spend time with mom, bro and dad/stepmom(Once every 2 weeks). I have made a list of the friends that I want to reconnect with and continue to build relationships with.(that is a secret, as not to offend anyone)

  • Learn a Foreign Language:
2012 Goal- Take Classes at Morey, starting in Feb.

  • Put Healthy things in my Mind, Body, Soul:
2012 Goal- No SODA!, eat 5 vegetables and fruits daily, no red meat, 32 oz of water, green tea instead of coffee(3x a week), Do something active for 20 minutes everyday. Read 10 books this year. Listen to NPR(3x a week). Prayer(4x a week, at least 5 minutes). Find a church by March and go consistently.

Those goals seem attainable this year. I know that we don't touch on all my life goals, but heck they are life goals, so I have some time. I am hopeful that this will be great, I have no evidence to show why I feel that way...just a feeling

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Jenny said...

Learn a foreign language at Morey! Woo! Come to church with me! Read Celebration of Discipline with me and some other Christians! I'm hoping I am on that list of people you want to spend time with you!